The Ecole Moser, Geneva, Nyon & Berlin

A day school (from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) From Primary School to the “Swiss Maturity” with a French-English Bi-lingual Academic Program

The Ecole MOSER

Established in Switzerland (Geneva and Nyon) and in Germany (Berlin), the Ecole MOSER is a private institution founded by Henri Moser in 1961 and, since 2001, directed by his son Alain Moser. Covering the Lake Geneva area and a large European community in Berlin, our school services the educational needs of a growing international and multilingual community. Its student body consists of 1,200 pupils. Open to pupils aged 7 to 18 years old, from all backgrounds and religions, it is a non-religious school that promotes tolerance and mutual respect.

The development and acquisition of self-confidence is part of the educational philosophy of our school whose essential values are mutual respect, trust and solidarity.
The Ecole MOSER is a school with a window on the world and in harmony with its times. It possesses the educational and technical equipment that enable students to grasp and to cope with the complexity of the modern world. Through the immersive teaching of languages and exchanges with partner schools, the Ecole MOSER broadens young people’s minds and prepares them for today’s inter-cultural Europe.

The Ecole MOSER is the reference in Switzerland for private schools preparing students for Switzerland’s Federal Academic Baccalaureate (Maturité), which is accepted by all Swiss universities without further tests, and by universities across Europe and the United States an as equivalent to the A-Levels awarded in Britain, and the International and French Baccalauréat. While enabling students to widen their perspectives and to adapt to changes, the ultimate purpose of the Ecole MOSER is to prepare students for the Swiss «  Maturité » which is one of the broadest based and most demanding examinations in the world. Only 20% of the Swiss population aged 18 obtain a « Maturité ». Throughout the years, over 97% of our students have obtained their certificate and all of them have gone on to university. In Switzerland, they have studied at the Institute of Technology in Zurich and Lausanne as well as the renowned management school in St. Gall among others. In addition, every year a number of students pursue their university education abroad in establishments such as Harvard, LSE, St. Andrews University and Tufts University.

Our school prides itself of offering students the tools that will enable them to move forward and enter the leading universities in the world. Our English program is designed to offer all students the possibility of taking the IELTS exam which is required for acceptance in most English speaking universities. Furthermore, for students intent on studying in the United States, the school organizes a trip every year with the sole purpose of visiting university campuses among which are Harvard, MIT and Boston University...

The aim of our French-English “Maturité” academic program is to prepare our students for the challenges ahead and to enable their entry into all Swiss universities as well as top universities worldwide.

The Ecole MOSER is :
A member of

  • The Swiss Federation of Private Schools
  • The Geneva Association of Private Schools
  • L’Association Canadienne des Professeurs en Immersion
  • Supported by

  • The Wright Foundation, Boston
  • The Wilsdorf Foundation (Rolex), Geneva
  • The Henri Moser Foundation
  • Accredited by

  • ISO, QSC
  • French-English Bi-lingual ACADEMIC PROGRAM


    From age 7-8
    Swiss program by immersion
    Special program for English speaking students


    From age 10-11
    Bi-lingual Program French-English (with German)
    30% of the program in English


    Swiss Maturity with bi-lingual option French-English
    History/Geography/Philosophy in English plus academic level IELTS certificate