Our Moser Schools offer a complete pathway covering ten to eleven years of schooling. This means that families can choose a high-quality education in the private sector for their children.

The Moser School is aware that the decision to follow a particular career path is key. This is why it gives its young pupils the opportunity to pursue different specialisations in line with their interests.

Moser Schools are aware that a results-driven culture can paralyse pupils, and prides itself on using a wide range of tools to track pupil progress.

Learning does not stop with school. The Knowledge gained is a treasure chest that gradually accumulates further wealth and is with us throughout our lives.

Dynamic learning.
Through a dynamic and flexible approach to learning, students are encouraged to attain their full potential.

Academic skills

The school favours participative teaching methods, which allow young people to play an active part in their own development. A wide variety of elective pathways are proposed, so that students can be guided towards their best-suited route to success. Encountering the many different leaning experiences and contexts that are offered at the school also promotes smooth and steady progress and a maximal learning curve.

A personal approach

Study at the Moser schools allows for an individualized composition of elective courses, destined to help students choose the path most suited to their personal aptitudes. Committed to examining all the latest innovations in the educational world, pedagogical methods are constantly reviewed in order to guarantee that the best and most worthwhile programmes are offered. The teaching staff is attentive to the individual needs of each student and dedicated to adapting their material accordingly.

School in the digital world

Learning at the Moser schools stretches far beyond the classroom. Students are encouraged to develop their IT skills; they are offered a wide range of instruction which permits them to explore and master a variety of digital platforms and applications. The school’s own site is designed to provide a viable and reassuring contact between the staff, the students and their families.

Creative skills

The school encourages all types of initiative and curiosity – nurturing a taste for learning and exploration. To kindle this spirit, a strong accent is placed on social responsibility, group work and respect for others.

A love of learning and creativity.


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