If we are to support pupils on their path to success, we must provide regular assessments to measure their progress. At the Moser Schools, we constantly seek to diversify the types of assessment used and ensure that they serve as support tools and benchmarks, not as punishment.

Moser Schools are aware that a results-driven culture can paralyse pupils, and prides itself on using a wide range of tools to track pupil progress. Our goal is for everyone to succeed and flourish in their studies, and we not only record ‘tangible’ measures of progress, such as exam marks, but also ‘intangible’ ones. We want to recognise talent and give pupils a sense of progression, so we use a variety of informal assessments bearing in mind, of course, that everyone develops at their own pace.

Moser Schools pride themselves on giving children the tools they need for rational thinking, to let them take their share of responsibility for the future of our society. We use charters to make our pupils aware of their place within the community. We also frequently challenge our own practices and do not hesitate to change our methods and approaches.