Moser Schools use a number of tools, including active listening, to support the development of pupils’ abilities and talents. This provides an effective means of emotional support for teaching staff and pupils alike and helps develop soft skills and creativity.

Moser Schools are keen to develop specific soft skills among its pupils. These include active listening – a skill that is vital to success. Because hearing is not listening, and stopping to listen does not come easily to everyone, the School regularly trains its pupils in the key practice of active listening. It works to instil a sort of creative confidence and to develop a capacity for empathy. Active listening, as practised at Moser Schools, can transform people and open up new horizons.

Decoding pupils’ feelings through non-verbal behaviour

Active listening, as practised at Moser Schools, helps pupils express their emotions, develops their creative confidence, communication skills and ability to show empathy. With active listening you can understand, in all situations, emotional dimensions that may not be expressed verbally.