Education aims not only to impart essential knowledge to pupils, but also to make them into responsible, aware citizens who are capable of individual judgement. It is during their final years of study that pupils acquire the tools for analysis and the necessary critical outlook to form their own opinions.

The knowledge acquired at school enables each and every pupil to assert their individuality and gain self-confidence. Using what they have learnt at school, pupils can form opinions on a range of subjects, express agreement or disagreement enthusiastically and develop their personalities. By aiming to give children the toolbox needed for rational thinking, the School is able to fulfil its social responsibility and perform a civic act in the interests of the community.

Train responsible students for a sustainable future

Fully aware of the part of social responsibility to the training of tomorrow’s citizens, the Moser School takes to heart the mission to give students the keys so that they can conduct their own thinking and become members assets of the community.