When navigating the maze of educational options currently available, it is not always easy for pupils (or their parents) to find the path that suits them best straight away. To make the right choices and progress at their own pace, pupils should to be able to choose from a wide range of options to help them progress smoothly through their education.

Our Moser Schools offer a complete pathway covering ten to eleven years of schooling. This means that families can choose a high-quality education in the private sector for their children. Our schools have a long-standing reputation based on the wide range of flexible and adaptable pathways we that we provide. We offer a variety of certifications and deliver teaching in a range of languages. Whatever the pupil’s profile, educational history or goals, Moser Schools offer fully integrated pathways so everyone can find their ideal place.

Active listening

Moser Schools draw on a pool of teachers who are experienced professionals. They are not merely sources of knowledge but act as real mediators between pupils and the school. Active listening is highly valued in Moser Schools – it can transform pupils and open up whole new horizons.