A school day can seem long, tedious and tiring and have little impact on pupils’ real progress, when learners are passive. This is why it is essential to use a teaching and learning approach that puts pupils in control by encouraging them to participate and become both engaged and responsive.

The Moser School uses stimulating techniques to motivate pupils and support their progress. Pupils no longer sit passively in class but become actively involved in the school day. (This has two parts) By using digital and interactive content, pupils can explore independently and acquire  a basic understanding the day’s topics. This personal preparation gives pupils the tools they need to take part and play an active role in projects, case studies and group work, during which they also benefit from individual support from their teachers, thus acquiring knowledge in a personal, motivating way.

Giving pupils the opportunity to shape their own futures

Pupils are offered digital and interactive content designed to give them the keys to understanding the day’s topics; they can then actively participate in projects, during which they benefit from individual support. This is a way of empowering pupils in their education.