When choosing career paths, pupils need to be able to select from a wide range of options, and not worry about getting trapped in a particular track. Pupils should not be hurried into a decision but take their time and follow their own wishes. The process should be perceived as a positive extra step towards their desired goal.


The Moser School is aware that the decision to follow a particular career path is key. This is why it gives its young pupils the opportunity to pursue different specialisations in line with their interests. In particular, they can choose orientations that prioritise languages or not, and may gradually refine their choice with increasingly specialised options. Our varied, open teaching curriculum gives access to a full spectrum of courses and sets pupils’ minds at rest.

Integrating digital content, adapting curricula… The Moser School’s learning environment can be tailored for best effect and is especially suited to developing team skills. In addition, our School’s network of approved partners extends the range of education provided by the Moser School.