Ecole MOSER Nyon


Encouraging our students to become engaged, responsible, and globally open-minded by providing them with a favourable environment that enables them to thrive academically, emotionally and socially.

How do we do it ? by :

  1. Applying positive and cross-curriculum approaches to teaching and learning
  2. Allowing our strategies to teaching and learning to evolve
  3. Helping our students to develop their self-confidence and their talents
  4. Stimulating their curiosity, their creativity and their love of learning
  5. Cultivating their self-reflection and their critical thinking
  6. Practising language immersion that promotes plurilingualism, cultural diversity and geographical mobility
  7. Passing on powerful knowledge and the practical skills needed to pass their targeted exams and goals
  8. Encouraging them to cultivate an entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial mindset
  9. Providing the essential knowledge and skills to contribute to a better world
  10. Welcoming young people whose parents are willing to support the values of Ecole Moser
  11. Embodying and conveying the principles of Ecole Moser to our students


Student profile

Ecole Moser is a family-run school founded in 1961 by Henri Moser.
His son Alain Moser has been the Director-General since 2001.

History of Ecole Moser