Ecole MOSER Nyon

The educational approach of Ecole Moser / Moser Schule allows students to develop their skills in a multilingual and international environment.

Our innovative, creative and active teaching methods aim to foster students’ personal responsibility for themselves and the wider community. To achieve this, students work individually and on collaborative and cross-curricular projects both within and outside of the immediate school context. An important aspect of our approach is to encourage students to constantly reflect on and review not only their academic progress but also their personal development.

Respect lies at the heart of education at Ecole Moser / Moser Schule. It is vital to ensure our students develop into responsible citizens of their community and the world.

Ecole Moser is a family-run school founded in 1961 by Henri Moser.
His son Alain Moser has been the Director-General since 2001.

History of Ecole Moser

Leadership team of ecole moser


Direction Ecole MOSER Nyon


From left to right:

  • Mrs Anne-Marie Marendat, Primary School Director
  • Mr Alain Moser, Director General 
  • Mr Yoan Herrero, Gymnasium Director
  • Mrs Pia Effront, Deputy Director General
  • Mrs Sandra Pierella, Secondary I Director
  • Mrs Claudia Bartholemy, General Manager
  • Mr Didier Strasser, ICT Director
  • Mrs Audrey Bollard, Moser Lab Director