Ecole Moser offers a global pathway of 6 or 10 years, from Primary (5th grade) or Secondary I (9th grade) to Swiss maturité (bilingual German, bilingual English, or Francophone), or to a Double Diploma: Swiss maturité and International Baccalaureate (IPDP).

A the start of the 2021-2022 academic year, Ecole Moser provides education for 108 pupils in Primary, 157 in Secondary I and 136 in Gymnasium.




Learning by gradual immersion in German and English


After-school club, workshops, supervised study, Green Weeks, ski camps and summer schools

Primary at Ecole MoseR

Secondary I

Multilingual education years 9–10 

German and English reinforced, multiple levels

3 streams to choose from in year 11 


Workshops, supervised study, camps and study trips, school exchanges and summer schools

Secondary I at Ecole Moser


Swiss Maturité

Double Diploma
(from 2022–2023)

Sport/Art Studies

Facilities for high-level athletes/artists

Extracurricular activities

Morning lectures, supervised study, study trips, campus visits and summer schools

Gymnasium at Ecole Moser

All rates
and admission criteria



Admission from 5P by interview
Annual fee CHF 19,000 to 20,000

Secondary I

Selected for pre-gymnasium route
Admission by interview
Annual fee CHF 21,700 to 23,700


Maturité in 5 semesters after year 11 at Ecole Moser
Admission by interview
Annual fee CHF 24,700 to 26,700
Double Diploma : CHF 30'000

Our training paths

From years 5 to 10, students follow a multilingual immersion programme. Students are given a choice of languages in certain subjects and a choice of language levels allowing them to tailor the course to their needs and potential.
From year 11, depending on their linguistic profile, ambitions and results, students can choose the course of study towards the qualification that suits them best. 
The diagram below shows the different routes possible.  

If you are coming from another school system, see our conversion table.

Conversion table of school systems


Practical information

Façade Ecole MOSER Nyon


Ecole Moser Nyon
4-6, avenue Reverdil
1260 Nyon

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+41 22 593 88 88


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Ecole MOSER,
Since 1961

With the opening of a private French school for children of foreign parents, Henri Moser laid the foundations for the school in Geneva.
Since then, the innovative spirit of the family business has supported and animated its principles: a child-centred pedagogy, aware of relevant developments for the acquisition of academic, digital and social skills.

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Ecole MOSER Since 1961

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