Ecole Moser offers a global pathway over 10 years, from Primary (5th grade) to Swiss maturité (bilingual German, bilingual English, or Francophone).

At the start of the 2023-2024 academic year, Ecole Moser provides education to 181 pupils in Primary, 325 in lower secondary (Cycle) and 267 in higher secondary (Collège).




Content and language integrated learning (CLIL)  in French, German and English


Wednesday clubs, study periods, green camps and ski camps

Primary school at Ecole Moser

Lower secondary (cycle)

4 academic journeys 
to choose from


Workshops, study periods, camps and study trips, school exchanges and summer schools

Sports/Arts personalised scheme

Personalised scheme for high level sportspersons/ artists

Lower Secondary (Cycle) at Ecole Moser

Higher secondary (College)

Swiss maturité

Double Diploma (from 2022-2023)

Sport/Art personalised scheme

Customized planning for high level sportspersons/ artists

Extracurricular activities

Special events, study periods, field trips, campus visits and summer schools

Higher Secondary (College) at Ecole Moser

All rates and
admission conditions



Admission from 5th grade on interview 
Annual tuition fee of CHF 19'500 to 20'500

Lower Secondary (Cycle)

Pupils transferring from state schools: level R3
Admission on interview
Annual tuition from CHF 22'500 to 24'500

Higher Secondary (College)

Swiss Maturity in 3 years after the 11th grade at Ecole Moser
Admission on interview
Annual tuition from CHF 25'600 to 27'500

Choice of training paths

From the 9th grade, depending on their language profile, their ambitions and their results, pupils choose a training path. They can reassess their choice in 11th grade, in order to change their track leading to the most suitable diploma. 
The diagram above allows you to visualise the different possibilities.  

If you come from another education system, please check out our comparison of education systems.

Conversion table of school systems


Les Cabris

Les Cabris

Alpine pedagogical center

Made to measure from local materials, our Alpine Pedagogical Center opens up, due south, onto a panoramic view of the Dents du Midi. 

Les Cabris welcomes various school camps all year round, ranging from sports (multisports, soccer, skiing), to environmental projects, or those dedicated to the IBDP (CAS projects). Approximately thirty classes or about 700 students from Geneva and Nyon take advantage of these contemporary and bright facilities every year, both in summer and winter.

Equipped with a multi-purpose room with a breath-taking view of the mountains, the Center also welcomes our teachers and staff for conferences and training seminars.

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Ecole MOSER,
Since 1961

With the opening of a private French school for children of foreign parents, Henri Moser laid the foundations for the school in Geneva.
Since then, the innovative spirit of the family business has supported and animated its principles : a child-centred pedagogy, aware of relevant developments for the acquisition of academic, digital and social skills.

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