Bilingual English French, English, German

Pre-gymnasium education (in preparation for the Gymnasium) is compliant with the Gymnasium Study Plan of the Canton of Vaud.

At the end of year 11, students reach B2-C1 in English and A2 in German.

Year 11 at Ecole moser

Bilingual English

Diploma studied: Swiss Maturité, Bilingual English

In year 11, depending on their linguistic profile, ambitions and results, students can begin a bilingual course of study. Semester 1 marks the end of compulsory schooling and semester 2 introduces the Maturité programme.

The student chooses their mathematics level (normal or higher) and then their art subject at the end of the year (visual arts or music).

For students studying the specific option of Science, semester 1 introduces the options Physics & Application of Mathematics and Biochemistry. Students make a final decision in semester 2.

Following year

Recommended stream

S1 Bilingual

Alternative stream


Distribution of
teaching languages

The figures indicate the number of 45-minute periods per week.

In English
  • English : 4
  • History : 2
  • Geography : 2
In French
  • French : 5
  • Mathematics (normal and higher) : 5
  • Chemistry : 2
  • Biology : 2
  • Physics : 2
  • Visual Arts : 2
  • Sport : 2
  • Classroom Exchange Time (TEC) : 0.5
In German
  • German : 4
Specific Option

Option chosen at the end of year 9 : 4
Specific option to be chosen among :
Latin, Spanish, Science, Economics

Specific option 

To be chosen from Physics & Application of Mathematics or Biochemistry

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